Transmission Fluid Change


Transaxle or Transmission Fluid Change

It is recommended to change your transaxle/transmission fluid every 30,000 miles. Listed below are the tools and supplies required to do the job on your Gen 2 Toyota Prius.

Estimated time required for job is 20 to 50 minutes.





Step 1: Park the Prius in leveled ground. You can do the job by either lifting the Prius by all 4 wheels or simply just on the ground.

Step 2: Locate the 24mm filler plug and 10mm hex drain plug, make sure to have the drain pan ready. Remove the 24mm filler plug to check the fluid cleanliness and level. Then remove the 10mm hex bolt and let drain for about 5 minutes or until you see the oil has emptied.

Step 3: Change the washers on the plugs and bolt the drain plug back.

Step 4: With the funnel with 3ft. hose insert it through the filler plug and begin filling with ATF WS automatic transmission fluid, it should be about 3.3qts. Stop when fluid begins to drip and bolt the filler plug back when the fluid is leveled.

Step 5: Torque both the filler and drain plugs at 29lbs. and clean the excess oil around the transmission to make sure there’s not leaks.

Step 6: Clean up, enjoy your ride, and repeat at about every 30k miles interval.

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